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Photo gold in an "ordinary" town

I have always believed you can create great photos in places which with first impressions leave you uninspired. The secret is to keep walking or driving looking for other angles on the same subject which means you keep your head on a swivel.

On this cold morning that I took this photo, I was looking for a landscape photo. It's the Overberg so I was sure I would find something. I did find a great landscape photo but it wasn't the first photo, this one was and I saw it driving out of Caledon. Caledon is one of those towns which can deceive you with regard to its beauty. It seems ordinary and uninspiring because it has been neglected in a lot of ways for decades and as a photographer you now need to figure out ways to incorporate the neglect for good photos or exclude it.

This is a very industrial-looking photo and an outsider won't necessarily believe it was taken in the platteland. It actually looks like a more urban setting and that is what the right time of day together with the right angle accomplished. And to top it off that question mark-shaped steam was the cherry on the cake.

(For Overberg landscape photo prints go to:

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