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A place called White Settlement

For some unfathomable reason I ended up in Dallas, Texas for a year and a half of my life. It wasn't a pleasant experience for a lot of reasons, some personal and some contextual. The Texan culture just isn't something that resounded with me, but as with anything if you dig your heels in and make it work as best you can you will find good and gold in any place or circumstance. I made some good friends and definitely accumulated interesting experiences. One of the more unexpected moments was going to a town called White Settlement in Tarrant County for a Shotzr job to get some photos showcasing the place. Now a lot of Texas isn't that pretty (sorry Texans) and White Settlement didn't contribute to its overall beauty ranking. Sorry White Settlementers.

So I was driving around getting desperate to shoot something that would enhance the brochure of whoever wanted these images when I noticed jets roaring into the skies every now and again. My curiosity perked I followed the noise and jets just to end up at a massive Lockheed Martin factory where it turned out they made military aircraft. I parked somewhat illegally and walked up to the fence and started shooting expecting sirens and military vehicles any minute to come and arrest me but they never came. I was on a time crunch that day so could not spend much time shooting green planes but I got a few before I had to go chase those brochure money shots. And that was it. I unexpectedly found a place to shoot military aircraft in a town with a weird name. I've never been back and probably never will be. Airplanes fascinated me but I prefer the civilian type and not the ones dropping bombs.

Oh and there aren’t only white people who live there. I guess it’s historical but I will change it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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