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Whatever card you are dealt be thankful

Whatever card you are dealt be thankful.

That is the basic message of this Afrikaans song of which I produced the music video for the band Prophet. The song even determines for us to love the people who screws us over. Well these guys are pastors and scholars first but music has always put them at the forefront of people scratching the underbelly of the religious, which is probably why I enjoy working with them.

Theo Geyser, jokingly referred to by Koos Van Der Merwe as the junior member came up with the simple and effective creative concept which made the process of producing this video with them a pleasure.

This was done on a shoestring and apart from the spotlights in the background which Koos brought along the rest of the lighting was two small led lights. I would've preferred different lights but it does show that if you are willing you can make something with very little resources.

I hope you like the video and the song.

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