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The Walmart birds

I don't exaggerate when I say you get these birds at all Walmarts. At least it feels like it. Georgia or Texas these noisy grackles seem to love Walmart parking lots. We lived in Lewisville, Texas for a year and at our local Walmart they seemed especially noisy and sometimes felt downright ominous. Almost like they were starring in some real-life horror movie.

One day I decided to take my camera with and captured this moment. I firmly believe you can find interesting frames anywhere, even in the mundane. Although this wasn't necessarily mundane, it was normal, the everyday scene. I had to be patient though and snapped a bunch before I caught this moment and composition.

I don't miss Lewisville and I don't miss this Walmart either. I don't think I miss any Walmart, but wherever you are at, even if you don't like the place, keep looking for moments and inspiration in the normal and mundane.

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