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The Lockdown Project - Day 9 - The irony, online church, Easter and Cyril

I have to laugh a little at the irony. I have heard many a pastor, young and old decry the woes of social media quite vehemently and sometimes with totality. I have heard many church leaders proclaim that social media is only negative and it robs society of meaningful relationship and community. And here we are in a world of Covid-19 lockdowns where Facebook Live, Youtube Live, IGTV Live you name it, are allowing us to have church every Sunday across the globe. I have never been on the “social media is evil” bandwagon. I mean the printing press was seen as evil by many when it was invented. Anything can be used for ill intent or be abused just as anything can be used for good in a balanced and fulfilling way. In fact social media and the old smart phone are allowing us to “be together” when this virus is pushing us physically apart and I am very thankful to have these tools.

Our little church here in South Africa is also hosting an online service and although we don’t have people who are skilled on the tech side of things we still decided to give it a swing. None of us can leave home except of course for food and medical stuff but we still wanted to use different people for each part of the service. What we decided to do is just have people video themselves with their phones and Whatsapp it to me unless they have a video camera or DSLR that allows them to send me the video file digitally. I edit it together and schedule a Facebook Premiere Event which is a live event in essence where the pre-recorded video is being played. What this allows for is everyone sitting in front of their computer, smart TV or smart phone at the same time and taking part in the same moment. This does strengthen the sense of community and church with everyone taking part digitally at the same time. It’s not a prime time production, it’s us doing church the best we can. Which brings me to the following realization. Next week is Easter!

It will surely be the most unique Easter in my life. Easter at home. I don’t know what to think of it but I think a lot of folk on some elaborate Easter productions might even sigh with relief. Hehe. But for the sake of the world and the powerful saving message of Jesus I hope most of us make big of Easter Weekend like we always do.

On a totally different and final note I just want to say how thankful I am for our current president’s leadership and honour God for making such a tremendous shift before our country and this world had to look down the barrel of the Covid19 shotgun. The man and his leaders around him are relentlessly finding ways to knock the teeth out of this virus and I hope we all do our parts in the fight. 

Let me know what you guys are doing during Easter Weekend. :)

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