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The Lockdown Project - Day 7 - Angst, protectionism and a fart

Today I am feeling the unrest in the world and not just seeing it. With reports of police and army overreach and harming of South African citizens en residents growing, our economy suffering immensely and globalization taking a thorough beating my heart is a little filled with angst. Not about the virus only but it’s potential fallout. The thing I fear the most is when we start thinking it’s every country and worse every man for himself. At least it’s not been like that for the most part, with people reaching out to one another over the stringent lockdown rules and I am grateful for the technology that allows us to keep talking, conversing and comforting each other. In the case of countries and their governments, protectionism has understandably manifested itself on top of a growing global sentiment and movement of “my country first”. China is hoarding its massive production of face masks for example and India (biggest producer of generic drugs) is hoarding certain medicines like paracetamol during the pandemic.

As global citizens, the noble and right thing to do is yes to protect your own citizens but with a neighborly and compassionate heart for those who might need you in these dire times. So stop hoarding crap, especially when your production capacity allows you to have more than enough for yourself. 

And to the South African Police Service and South African Army I would say. This is said figuratively of course because who the heck will read this anyway. 😉 You have immense power. Stop being idiots and serve your people with compassion first and power second. Stop firing at journalists or killing health workers who protest not having sufficient protective gear against the virus. The more heavy-handed you are the quicker you will produce rebellion and then we all suffer. Be wise, compassionate and professional. To those servicemen and women who understand this and serve us with excellence I thank you for your sacrifice on the frontlines. 

I think I need to reread yesterday’s blog post and preach at myself. Fear makes you suffer and affects the soul. Ok, so how can I end this blog on a lighter note? Maybe a story from the world of Ben. 

Yesterday he suddenly complained that his tummy was hurting and asked me to rub it for him. I did so and asked if I could pray for him upon which he replied yes. I then prayed that Jesus would heal his tummy and make him feel better and as I said amen he farted. I laughed and asked him if he felt better. He smiled happily, said yes and then went to play. Sometimes God answers prayers with farts I guess.

Stay safe friends, be compassionate and don’t let fear rule your life in these times. 

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