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The Lockdown Project - Day 5 - Late night rambling, just starting and wanting to live in van

It’s day 5 of the South African lockdown and the Folscher spaceship is doing well. We are finding a good rhythm to this whole don’t leave your house situation although I was in town today for a short while. A lot of us are probably sick of people talking about the virus but I still struggle to get to grips with the fact that almost 3 billion people in the world are under lockdown. I keep saying it but it surely is the stuff movies are made of. Ok I will stop now. My family are all over this world and right now I am thankful they are all in lockdown, from China to the UK and even Belize. It gives me a little angst every now and again.

I started working again today and had a good start to the big edit I have for the next couple of months. I am also thankful that I have work currently and thinking about those people who have seen their income stripped or reduced. I am typing this from behind my spaceship control three screen setup and quite stoked about my working space. It has been amazing how much my creative juices have started flowing just by not being busy with seeing people, having meetings and even losing a few projects. I can never call this time a blessing of any sort and I surely can’t throw out the cliché that it is a blessing in disguise. It’s not. But I have blessed moments in this time. We can make the most and still be grateful. Good can come out of this but in itself it’s not good. People are getting sick, many are dying and economies are failing. If economies struggle people lose income and in South Africa we can’t afford that at all. You know this little blog and photography vibe is called The Lockdown Project so I guess it’s fine to talk about the virus and it’s fallout in almost every post. 

I have to be honest that the last two days this blog came last. Like end of the night last. With the first few posts I had ideas forming through the day and then just sat down to organize my thoughts into a blog post. Today was one of those days again but tomorrow I intend to wake up with ideas. If only it was that easy! Sometimes you just have to start typing and stuff rises to the top. It’s like life. Don’t wait to have all your ducks in a row. Just start and the ducks will get organized and even more ducks will come. See what I did there? 😉 And I just started typing and one thing led to another.

So seeing as this more of a diary post and you are probably getting bored stiff let me sign of and bring you something better tomorrow. Love you all and remember to stay safe. Don’t get careless.

PS. The first photo of The Van Life book is something I am reading right now. I love the great outdoors and always fantasize about the next place I can go to. This lockdown is already growing that hunger to go somewhere new. Pray for me. :)

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