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The Lockdown Project - Day 3 - Breaking the Moan-o-Meter (imported from Tumblr)

Let me vent for a bit, just let me. Please. People who get upset and question the lockdowns and even take the government to court, just shut up and sit down. Please. People who ignore the lockdown and run around like it’s the holidays, it’s not. Get your but into your home and stay there. Read a book or comic. Whatever you need to not be stupid. 

Let me spell it out. This is not the normal flu. The normal seasonal flu has a death rate of well below 1%. Ask the WHO Director-General, he knows and I suppose he knows a thing or two. What he also said on the 3rd of March (link below) is that Covid 19 has a death rate of 3.4%. The global population hasn’t got any immunity to this thing because it’s new and not a variation of the normal strains out there. So please people, stop being stubborn, read a little more beyond Facebook and Whatsapp and stay home. When I hear about the heroic efforts from medical staff in Italy and the war zone that they are living through I find it utterly frustrating that some people think that we as a country, being South Africa will be different by not staying in lockdown.

Ok! In other news, the Folscher spaceship is still all systems green and we are slowly sorting through some things we haven’t had the time to do before the world of lockdowns. Today was a little more difficult with the photos because my head wasn’t in the game as much but here are some pics nonetheless. Oh yes! Our internet sucks! I should really type suuuuuuucks! Because it does. It’s either crazy slow or offline and then customer service is also non-existent. Supersonic is now Supersad and Superslow. Sorry! Didn’t mean to name drop.

That all said, every day I realize how easy our lockdown experience is compared to so many fellow South Africans and I always feel kind of guilty. Our church is exploring ways in which we can help here in town through legal channels and I have heard of others trying to do the same. Our homeless people in town are the most vulnerable and get a lot of grief and abusive treatment from police who need to stay professional and calm their crap down.

That’s it! The moan-o-meter is full. I’m done. Love you all and remember…don’t be an idiot. ;)


WHO Director-General Speech - 3 March 2020

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