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The Lockdown Project - Day 21 - Perfectionism, missing a day and being a crappy writer

And so I did not blog yesterday on day 20…aaaaargh!

I did complete 20 consecutive blogs though because I started the day before lockdown started, aka “Day 0”. I worked until almost 2am last night but no excuses. Well, I literally did not have time but no excuses! To be honest when I realized it was not going to happen I wasn’t that disappointed. Perfection isn’t the point but the creative exercise, discipline and process. It has been hard some days but it has taught me a few things and that I need lots of improvement as a writer. 😉 I am a perfectionist of sorts but sometimes you just need to let go when it is time and not beat yourself when the end goal has not produced the desire perfection you envisioned.

So, it is day 21, the original end date for the lockdown and therefore my last blog post for The Lockdown Project, at least my commitment to write them consecutively. We will see what tomorrow holds but for now I am signing off on this 'pop them out every day' commitment. 

At least I wrote 21...

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