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The Lockdown Project - Day 2 - Spaceships (imported from Tumblr)

I love science fiction but I am particular about it. The genre covers a wide range of stories and although I am not difficult to please one thing usually determines if I will like a sci-fi movie or book. Are there airlocks? You see I like some kind of realism to my sci-fi and if the characters need an airlock to enter or exit a space craft it basically shows me the writer knows how space works. I am not big on the fantasy stuff. 

Since I was young I always liked the idea of traveling around space in a self-contained space craft from which one would have adventures. I loved the idea of a traveling base that had all you need and which you sometimes left in a pod to explore other planets and such. I would fantasize about how life on a small or large space craft would be. Have your morning coffee at a window through which you could see a nearby planet or even distant earth. This lockdown has made me realize we are all in our own individual spaceships without the view of course. Oh and our spaceships (aka houses) can’t travel anywhere. They are more like space stations in orbit around a planet and the only way to leave is via smaller spaceships or pods which in our cases are our cars or motorbikes. And our spacesuits are the homemade face masks we all seem to be wearing more and more. We leave only to get supplies from a trading space station (aka Pick n Pay) and return for further adventures in and around our static spaceships. 

There is an element of adventure involved to this whole global lockdown in the context of relationships. We have never had license just to stay home without feeling guilty and this is opening a treasure chest of experiences around relationships. We seem to be reconnecting and engaging more and deeper without running on to the next meeting or engagement even if only over the internet. We are actually engaging with that dreaded Whatsapp family group and some members have actually rejoined. We are talking more. And its only day two! 

It’s the first time in my life of 45 years that the world is fighting the same enemy together and it’s not a person, country or group. The world is experiencing a sense of togetherness and elements of unity. How refreshing. And then there is nothing refreshing about people dying. Let’s keep fighting this crap together by staying in our spaceships, but let us be ready to help our fellow humans when we see the opportunity. 

PS. When we are stuck in our static spaceship we start seeing and appreciating the basic things more. Our lives, be it ordinary or extraordinary are built on the daily where much is mundane. These black and white photos try to display those mundane things in a new way. What we see in our houses and what we see through our windows.

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