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The Lockdown Project - Day 17 - The evanescent sequence of seconds and 50400 moments

This moment is the most important snapshot of time you will ever encounter. This evanescent sequence of seconds strung together will never be repeated again and therefore you can’t change it once it’s gone but it will concretely affect your future. The past is time already spent, wisely or unwisely, and the future can only be influenced by what you do right now, in this moment. When we as South Africans come away from this pandemic way below the curve like we are praying for, we can be sure in the knowledge that our government and our citizens spent its moments wisely, deliberately and with a clear vision, to save lives.

The 5 week lockdown we find ourselves in are comprised of tens of thousands of moments. If we see 1 minute as a moment we will have had 50400 moments (minus sleeping of course) with which to change our futures. The point isn’t to define the length of a moment which is something relative to each person and each moment but the point is that we have a bunch. In the context of this pandemic should we ignore the lockdown and health advisories we can negatively affect the future of our lives and the lives of others quite severely. Or we might get lucky. In the context of our locked up behinds at home we can decide to waste our valuable moments on Netflix only or we can take some of those thousands of future changing snippets of time and build into a greater and extraordinary future. We can not waste this time at home. We have to do something different and not treat it like one massive long weekend. 

Whatever improved future you desire, be it career, marriage, relationships or family now is the best time to use and live every moment like a boss. Not because we are in lockdown but because it is the here and now. The lockdown just affords us even more moments to deliberately engage in. 

Don’t reach the end of the lockdown and regret wasted time. Be present in the moment. It’s not about using all 50400 minutes. Just take some of that time and be deliberate in those moments about the future.

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