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The Lockdown Project - Day 16 - Star Trek, the future and sixteen blog posts

I went to sleep way too late last night binging on Star Trek and this morning woke up to some crazy hay fever hammering my nose and eyes. My normal meds did not even help. Otherwise it's been a pretty slow day, the kind of day where I have been contemplating my future. Nothing weird or negative. Just been thinking. Oh and I watched some more Star Trek, not the old ones but the brand new one on Netflix.

There was literally an hour between the previous paragraph and this sentence. I am just in a very chilled mood and my head is in some twilight zone space so I am procrastinating. But once this exercise is done for the day I can just chill with Elize and Ben.  And some more Star Trek. 😉 My mind is void of any ideas what to write but I keep typing and hope for the best. Now Ben has jumped on my back so this might take even longer. Btw I am lying on my stomach writing this…it’s a Charl thing. Oh, no it seems he is still watching TV. Now he is jumping on me claiming he is jumping on a trampoline. 

He is back on the couch! Ok I want to finish this so I can go burn some energy with the little man. Before I go, do you know that after this post I have only 5 left which means I would have done something that I have never done before. That is I would’ve blogged continuously for 21 days although I am already on a record 16th consecutive blog. There have been a few evenings when I really just wanted to give up because it did not seem like a priority but I believe setting goals like this is good for our make-up. When you set a goal, then are disciplined as you trudge through it and get it done and then finally reach your milestone gives a great sense of accomplishment. It also builds more capacity into your life and teaches you how to go all the way. And in the same way I am thinking about my future. 

What is my next goal in my life? Where do I want to go next? What to I want to accomplish? I make media stuff but I want to be more specific and set a specific goal in my life. How am I going to focus my creative journey and career more and be the best I can be?

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