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The Lockdown Project - Day 14 - Airplanes, boring objects and sandcastles

After we get through this pandemic I know travel and especially world travel will never be the same. Globalization would’ve had a thorough beating and I am not sure what tourism will look like because there is no telling how this ordeal is going to affect people’s appetites for travel. On this 14th day of the South African lockdown I don’t know when I will see another place than my house again let alone another country and I am the kind of person who gets really happy in an airport, even more so on an airplane. I love traveling. I love going somewhere, the further away the better. I even like airplane food. Don’t judge me. 

On my bucket list of countries would be Iceland, Norway, Malta, Nepal, Brazil and Peru but to be honest I am not that fussy. Any country delivers experiences different and unique from my own and when I have opportunities to go somewhere new I am happy. But for now we have to learn to appreciate our living rooms in new ways. The past 2 days I have been struggling with the photography side of this vlog but like I mentioned previously I just need to keep walking around and looking for new angles and interesting objects. When I see a possible photo I mostly think that it is too boring or normal and have to remind myself that is the point. I am going to finish 21 days of blogging whatever it takes! Folscher! After all we are halfway through and should the lockdown be extended I can find another challenge after that.

I do think it will be extended. The president will be telling us something on TV at 8pm. We are all waiting with bated breath and I do fear some people will rebel but from what we know about this virus it is paramount that South Africa does its part to curb the spread of this bug. We can’t afford to be caught out. Back to my travel dreams. I think I know where Elize, Ben and I will go after it becomes safer. The sea. I need to smell the air and hear the waves. Feel the ocean breeze and make sandcastles with Ben. That’s all. We will leave the flying stuff until later. Much later.

PS. The lockdown got extended by 2 weeks. Saffas, stay safe.

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