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The Lockdown Project - Day 13 - Grace, period.

In a time of worry, anxiety, stress, pain, suffering and anger I see these lights of beauty shining in the darkness. People who decide to share, sing, love, encourage and give. I see God’s grace in these beautiful acts by normal people who are answering a call, known or unknown to lift our hearts and give hope. I believe God’s grace is still around and tugging at our lives and He wishes to drench us in it but He needs our humility. According to the Bible it is a prerequisite for more grace. These are not the times (it never is), to be proud and self-sufficient. We can’t physically be together but we need to be together now more than ever. God is waiting for our humility, surrender and call to Him as person, not as solution. The solution was already provided through the love and passion of Jesus. The call on our lives now is to fall on our knees and declare we are at the end of ourselves. Declare that we don’t understand and do not have it all together. That we need, no that we want Him. God. Our Father. Our Friend.

This is a short blog but today I wanted to say this and this alone. No matter where we end up, Jesus is right there. Turn your heart to Him.

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