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The Lockdown Project - Day 12 - Populism, Schalk Bezuidenhout and Star Trek

It was fascinating how quickly the hot topics in politics took a backseat in people’s minds when we were faced with something as horrifying as this pandemic. I am sure people have the same distastes for one another and differing views but it has faded behind a preference for hope and a sense of togetherness. I am sure the populism of our day and the polarization it brings will come back once this world crisis is over but I do hope our tones will be softer. Time to stop our crap people. 😉

I am once again attempting to squeeze a blog out at night while Elize is cracking up watching Schalk Bezuidenhout behind me. It’s not that I don’t have the drive to do it earlier but I am mostly working during the day (and playing with Ben) and when my mind is filled with an edit or Zoom calls there is little room for another creative thought. My mind has been on India though today and my friends who live there in a small town in Punjab state.

Vijay and his wife, Anju runs a small children’s home with extremely limited resources. They take kids-at-risk because of poverty into their care and provide them with a home which includes food, clothing, medical needs, education, family and above all love. I have tried to raise funds for them for years. There have been good years and lean ones. They are in a financially difficult time right now and sometimes I wish I could do more. With the help of some friends and our church here we are able to send them a little money. It isn’t nearly enough but they are always so thankful and with the Covid19 pandemic I think about them a lot and hope that you will also pray for their safety and provision during these crazy times.

By the way it is very sobering that Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister is in intensive care with the coronavirus and just demonstrates that this thing is no respecter of anyone. But let me not get into that too much! We are doing our part here in South Africa and I know it’s much more difficult for some than for others. I am no expert but it does seem like we are doing “well”, although that word does not seem appropriate in a lot of ways. With regards to the pandemic I would have expected this thing to have blown up way more in the second week of our lockdown because there have been some wild predictions and guesses. We are aggressive in our process to try flatten the curve and I am grateful. I just hope South Africans keep believing we are doing the right thing to save lives but it is very difficult for those who are losing desperately needed income, especially in poorer communities.

On a lighter note I discovered a brand new Star Trek series on Netflix and yes it kept me awake until 1am last night. Not a good idea with the amount of work I need to do in the day. I would be binging on it now if it wasn’t for writing this blog…or Elize watching Suits. Schalk isn’t cutting it anymore. Ok friends, have a good rest of your evening here in SA and a good rest of your day if you find yourself more West on this big ball floating in the universe.



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