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The Lockdown Project - Day 11 - Winter is coming, writing an album and training apps

It is suddenly winter outside my window. Rain, wind and cold are all working together to make me want to chill out with a book or Netflix but it is Monday and it is a work day. So no luck there. I spend a lot of time on yesterday’s blog and enjoyed it but today I feel like writing one paragraph but that will be a cop out. On a day when there are talks about an extended lockdown I find myself daydreaming a little about where I will go with Elize and Ben when this nightmare is over. I would love to see my family who are mostly oversees but I think we will stay put for a while and go camping although it does seem winter is starting to knock on Autumn’s door.

We have found a good rhythm with Ben and although he misses family and his friends he seems to enjoy hanging with his mom and dad. He is getting a little cheekier than usual and some days the time-outs are quite a bit more than others. I keep saying this but I still can’t believe the world is in the situation it finds itself in. I would never have believed this if you told me two months ago. That said being locked in here at home has mostly been peaceful and ironically I feel like I can breath more these days. How amazingly ironic! If the lockdown gets extended I might need to find another creative exercise. Maybe write an album or something. Hang on I think it’s time for a cuppa.

Ok I’m back. So I wonder a lot how other people, that includes you, are experiencing the realities of this pandemic and specifically the lockdowns. Of course I realize how much our experiences in South Africa are dictated by socio-economic realities which differs vastly between certain people groups and ethnicities but I wonder what it is like for other people. I talk about a sense of peace here at home but I know it’s not a universal experience. How much suffering is this virus causing for other families? For me it feels like a blessing to be together at home but how much frustration, contention and unrest does it bring to other families? This world is broken in many ways and this virus is doing its part in compounding pain for many people. And now it is almost winter it seems which in a Western Cape reality will make it even harder but I think we have some fair weather still ahead at least.

I have downloaded the Nike training app again. Hehe. Yes it is time. The backyard has enough space and Ben joins in the fun. Well he wants to sit on my neck the whole time which means body squats are a killer as is modified push-ups with him just lying on my back. I do enjoy it though when he wants to be part. It makes exercising more of a moment with him and time actually goes quicker. And now it is raining and I am forming all kinds of reasons to skip today. All good reasons! 

Well I am out of writing fizz. It is now 4:30pm Ben has been napping from 2pm. Which means a struggle to get him settled down for bed tonight. I can only hope for a miracle. :)

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