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The Lockdown Project - Day 1 (imported from Tumblr)

Day 1 is almost in the bag and for some reason, it has been rather filled with anxiety, at least a little more than usual. We are locked in at home with more time on our hands. More time to send coronavirus stats to one another and watch the news...ah! It’s been weird and kind of peaceful interjected with moments of anxiety. I worry about my family and myself but I keep thinking about those who are homeless and vulnerable here in town. 

The quiet here was disrupted by a police van stopping next to our house and the officer getting in some homeless guy’s face and swearing at him to get off the street. So much for protocol and respect. The gentleman might be homeless but he is the citizen this officer is meant to be serving. I had some words in my mind for this serviceman but for the sake of this blog let’s settle on idiot. 

It is amazing how much I have learned about this ugly virus which illuminates all the more the amount of misinformation out in the wild west that is the internet and for that reason I do purpose to read my Bible and some books more than the media otherwise I might just go bonkers. Just writing this now I am again reminded of the absolute surreality that we find ourselves in. In your mind just replace everyone outside your house with scenes from the Walking Dead and you might believe you are in a movie.

Ok folks before I go I want to consider that a certain police officer mentioned earlier might have been stressed out seeing as he is on the frontlines so to speak. I will cut him some slack and downgrade idiot to onbeskof. 

Oh and yes I have started taking some pics for my future book titled Lockdown. Not really, but let me know if you like them.

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