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Jack of many trades

Recently I had the opportunity to avail myself for a possible remote work opportunity as graphic designer. I have functioned in part as graphic designer in different jobs for years but my website and online portfolio was setup exclusively for video and photography. It forced me to change everything overnight to reflect my full work experience and so the revamped site included graphic design work and even website design. So yes my portfolio now reflects 4 huge disciplines. This pandemic has messed with all our lives and some of us are needing to drop the specialising for a while and take on whatever we can find.

If I could choose one thing to do for the rest of my life I know what it would be and I really desire a more focused reality but this has reminded me to never devalue or disregard past experience and skills because what we want to do and what we get aren't always the same in different seasons of our life. This pandemic has certainly taught us that life is fluid and nothing is assured. Take what you get and get through what you need to get through because these times will lead you somewhere and it's up to us how well we run (or walk) down this conduit to the future. I hope you and I get to do what we really desire to do but be willing to adapt and roll with the punches along the way.

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