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I never thought I would do this

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I never thought I would end up doing this but looking back there were signs even at school although it was overshadowed by my fierce desire to sing and make music. I still create music but I have allowed the other passions in too.

Last I month I finished editing the TV series Die Laaste Tyd Met Aleit which we finished after Aleit’s sudden death. Out of that it was straight into the chaos of trying to catch up on other work. One such project was a music video for Fransien Scott, a South African who lives in Portugal. I was the director of photography and helped with the planning and storyboarding. I also edited the video and it was a real enjoyable experience. I had some good lights and a talented gaffer and friend Sean Habib. When the music video gets released I will put it in a blog post.

At the moment I am working on a Woordfees theatre show called Die Moeder in Stellenbosch. I can’t give away too much except that it the team is amazing. From the legends, Sandra Prinsloo and Dawid Minnaar to the director and production team it is a fun and creative experience even on days when people are tired. I have been rehearsing for almost 2 weeks and we will be performing next week for Woordfees.

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