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Recently I was asked my a local Toyota car dealer to make a video to promote the new Urban Cruiser. The budget wasn't much but I have decided recently that I will not create according to the budget, well with a limit. I have to also justify expenses and pay the rent.

I made a quick video for them in the past where I shot a bunch of b-roll to promote another vehicle and this was what they probably wanted again. I ended up pitching this storyline which I said I will followed up with another 30 sec video which is more shareable on social media and will allow them to extend the campaign a little. It was an extra mile. But I also took some of the money and rented a gimble to use with my own stash of gear to try show off the car in the context of driving. Something they weren't asking for and expecting me to do.

The extra miles resulted in a elated and very happy customer, a much stronger social media campaign and my name on something that promoted my style and brand way more. The customer benefited and ultimately I also benefited. Use your budget to create content that will lift you into production with an even bigger budget. Also sometimes where the money can't go innovate in the gap to get the results you want.

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